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24/7 Service

You can take our online IGCSE Spanish classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are the perfect choice if you have time constraints or simply want to enjoy the convenience of home tutoring. You can take our IGCSE Spanish lessons in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. We have IGCSE Spanish tutors working round the clock.

Experienced Tutors

You can expect the best IGCSE Spanish learning experience based on our depth of knowledge and skills based on decades of experience. Our IGCSE Spanish tutors have taught students all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds. We know the best strategies and approaches to score in the IGCSE Spanish exams.

Reasonable Prices

You pay a very reasonable price for private IGCSE Spanish tuition. For undivided personal attention from an experienced IGCSE Spanish tutor, our service is considered quite cheap.

Fast Response

We try our best to respond to all enquiries, emails and WhatsApp messages quickly. Once we have all necessary information about your needs, we can get you started ASAP.

All our IGCSE Spanish tutors are experienced and qualified, besides being native speakers. They all have several years experience tutoring students for the IGCSE Spanish exam.

Spanish Faster provides online IGCSE Spanish exam preparation for students sitting for the
IGCSE Spanish exam. We focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.

All our IGCSE Spanish lessons are delivered online via Skype or Zoom. You can take our IGCSE Spanish classes anywhere, anytime. Our IGCSE Spanish tutors are available 24/7.

With our unique Accelerated Learning Method,
we can help you learn Spanish THREE TIMES FASTER!

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Cambridge IGCSE Spanish Syllabus 0530

Cambridge IGCSE Spanish Syllabus 0530 (Spanish as a Foreign Language) for 2023, 2024 and 2025 examination.
Includes Assessment, Topic Areas and Grade descriptions. Free PDF Download. 


The Cambridge IGCSE Spanish Syllabus 0530 consists of 4 papers assessing the 4 language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing). 

Topic areas

The Cambridge IGCSE Spanish Syllabus 0530 is divided into 5 topic areas:

Grade descriptions

A Grade A Cambridge IGCSE Spanish as a Foreign language candidate will be able to:


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Spanish Faster is a wonderful place to work. The management team is efficient, organised and supportive. I feel valued and respected. What I love the most is the wonderful students from all over the world that I get to teach and learn from every week.


IGCSE Spanish Teacher

Success Rate
For The Last 3 Years

We have consistently achieved a 100% success rate. All our students have scored a minimum B grade in their IGCSE exams, even the desperate ones who signed up for tuition classes just a few months before the exam.

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Year 2021
Year 2020

Satisfied Customers

Ms Marisel is a very patient and friendly teacher. She taught me step-by-step from very basic, when I had zero knowledge of Spanish language, until I could successfully achieve A1 level.
Dirain E.
student, Singapore
I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the online resources we used to study for my exams, every tool was straight forward to use.

Gina is a very kind person and I think she’s a wonderful teacher. She manages to get along with students whilst maintaining a learning environment, in addition to her positive teaching techniques.
Laura Braun
student, budapest

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Yes, we do provide a free 25-minute trial lesson or demo class. This gives prospective students a chance to see if they are comfortable with our class and teacher before they sign up.

Absolutely. We have a refund policy in place.

A regular tutor will be assigned to you. That tutor is usually the same one who did your trial lesson.

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